About Us

The idea of the EasyCleat as a solution to a day to day problem that blind companies were experiencing with the fitting of blinds. All blinds now have to be fitted to child safety regulations which can involve the fitting of cleats or clips to window frames.

This was presenting a problem with customers who did not want screw holes in their windows; indeed some window companies will void the warranty if anything is screwed onto the windows.

By law the safety cleats or clips have to be fitted which meant that the blinds could not be fitted resulting in lost orders and customers being unable to have their blinds fitted.

Out of this problem came a solution. The EasyCleat K-Clip, P-Clip and the all new D-Clip. Three tested and certified devices that require no drilling and is simply “stuck” onto the window using a high specification also tested & certified adhesive pad. A simple solution that does not void the window warranty and allows the customers to have their blinds fitted to the safety regulations.